The list of abbreviations a thesis

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The list of abbreviations is an alphabetical list in your final paper that lists the abbreviations used Writing Bee and their meanings.

The list of abbreviations is necessary so cheap custom essay writing services that the abbreviations be understood without misunderstandings from all readers.


Example of a list of abbreviations

You create the list of abbreviations by left write down the abbreviation, three by pressing the Tab key and then write the full text.

Use the Tab key you make sure that the abbreviations are listed at the same level.

Basic Rules for abbreviations

A list of abbreviations is required if you use at least three abbreviations for terms in your thesis. These include names of laws (such as BGB , GG ), institutions (such as EU , USA ) or technical terms (such as DNA , ADHD ).

Also, abbreviations that appear only in the footnotes are cited in the list of abbreviations.

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The list of abbreviations in the thesis

You put the list of abbreviations at the beginning of your dissertation or master’s thesis on.

It is right after the table of contents and, if present, according to the List of Figures and Tables.

The list of abbreviations is listed as a separate item in your table of contents. This allows the reader knows from the outset, where he receives the full text for unknown abbreviations explanation.

The use of abbreviations in the text

In general, you should try to use as few abbreviations in your dissertation or thesis, because too many shortcuts affect the flow of reading.

An acronym you should only use it when the word at least three times is used in the document.

you would like to abbreviate

Every term, you write at the first mention in your thesis and add behind it in brackets the abbreviation.

Then you use throughout the text, only the abbreviation.

Example: The first mention of the abbreviation

The United Nations Organization (UNO) was founded in San Francisco on June 26 1945th Today the UN to include 192 countries.

You should always use the common abbreviation that can be found in the dictionary. If you do not find there, you should log on other technical literature oriented and only if there also to find is to use its own abbreviation.

Consistent use of an acronym

If you decide in favor of using one or more abbreviations in your dissertation or thesis, it is important that you after a single explanation (see our example above) using only the abbreviation and not the full text.

Check the uniform can use you, by entering the advertised wording of the abbreviation in the search box in Word CTRL + F.

Then show you all places where you have used the wording and if he shows up more than once, you can replace it with the abbreviation.

Well-known abbreviations

abbreviations that are commonly used can be used without explanation. These include “z. B., “” see. “,” Etc. “,” etc. “.

All other abbreviations must be listed in the list of abbreviations, because they may not be clearly otherwise.

The abbreviation “MS” can stand for example for motor vessel, Muenster, multiple sclerosis, lactic acid or Microsoft.

punctuation in abbreviations

At the same abbreviations spelling is used as the advertised text. This means that in abbreviations such as “z. B. is set to “the space between the letters.

Also note that there is no further point is necessary if an abbreviation ends with a point and it is at the end of a sentence.

  • noises of foxes, birds, etc.”
  • noises of foxes, birds, etc ..”

If the sentence ends with an exclamation point or a question mark, the point remains are, for example, “etc.?”.

Create An automatic abbreviations in Word

The automatic abbreviations can be created in simple in two steps in Word.


The advantage of the automatic shortcut directory that the directory is automatically sorted alphabetically and can be updated during the writing process at any time with new shortcuts.

  1. as an index mark at the beginning of the document

Mark abbreviations as index

Step 1

  1. in the document search References / References Index record set dialog box opens main entry is already an acronym for options Select Cross Reference You have followed the advertised text Confirm with Select

Step 2: Insert Index at the beginning of the document

  1. to the top of your document after the table of contents, if any, behind the Figures and Tables the tab References / References Index Index Add dialog box opens page numbers right justified Select OK to confirm

Other directories in your thesis

In addition to the abbreviations there are other directories that are part of a bachelor thesis or Master’s thesis.
be listed in this order in your thesis: